Products / Services

The Group's services, are predominantly broker led. As an independent intermediary, whether our client is an underwriter, broker or third-party service provider we seek to add value to each project or transaction.

Services to Lawyers, Adjusters and other Third-Party Experts

In 1997 Senator became the first third party service provider to offer an alternative method for underwriter appointed experts to process and collect their fees entirely independent of the broker of record. Since then we have grown exponentially and are widely recognised as the largest and most professional independent provider of these services. Read More

Broker Run off

With thirty years’ experience in the London insurance market and a background in merger and acquisitions with a London investment bank, a Big Four accounting practice and perhaps most importantly as a Principal, our CEO is uniquely placed to bring a perceptive insight into the challenges facing shareholders seeking a run off solution. Read More

Services to Underwriters

Our services to underwriters, handling both primary and assumed liabilities, aim to complement any existing contractual arrangements the underwriter has in place. In the case of a broker insolvency or a dispute with the existing broker we are available to provide a comprehensive broker replacement service on run-off accounts. In the case of a live account we also provide an alternative where an account has moved between broking houses and the underwriter needs to secure the run-off of the legacy account. Read More

Services to Brokers

We provide a cost effective outsourced solution to key broker functions. We can offer a fundamentally different business approach and manage run-off more efficiently outside the mainstream broking operation. Released from these obligations, whether regulatory requirements or market accommodations, we enable brokers to concentrate their resources upon their core renewable business. Read More

Services to Insolvency Practitioners

Senator's services to Insolvency Practitioners largely mirror those offered to our clients depending upon the type of organisation to which the Insolvency Practitioner has been appointed. We tailor our services to your specific needs as required by the circumstances of the estate concerned. Read More