Services To Underwriters

Services To Underwriters

Our services to underwriters, handling both primary and assumed liabilities, aim to complement any existing contractual arrangements the underwriter has in place. In the case of a broker insolvency or a dispute with the existing broker we are available to provide a comprehensive broker replacement service on run-off accounts. In the case of a live account we also provide an alternative where an account has moved between broking houses and the underwriter needs to secure the run-off of the legacy account. Our range of services includes: -

  • Replacement broker services
  • Outwards reinsurance collections
  • Premium collections
  • Outstanding loss reviews
  • Expert fee collections
  • Reconciliation and collection of loss funds
  • Commutation negotiations
  • Subrogation actions
  • Consolidation of administration and accounting
  • Collection of debt from difficult jurisdictions.

We have a solution, to find out more please contact:

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Director Colin Langley
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Claims Manager - Steve Brown
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